A 4-decade tradition...of what’s outstandingly real.

The Dream, the Commitment, the Result

Almost 40 years ago, the Maytag family began assembling what today forms the pristine 2,953 acre Maytag Ranch. Their cattle ranching philosophy centered on traditional western practices of natural grazing in a healthy ecology primarily driven by family participation from horseback. This philosophy teaches an appreciation for nature, the land, hard work and the wonders of the great outdoors. The same clarity of purpose and vision behind this original homestead was the driving force in the creation of Maytag Ranch. A select few families can now share in this vision, as the ranch is one of the most unique properties in Colorado today. An authentic cattle ranch preserved into the 21st century, Maytag Ranch exists in accordance with ecologically and environmentally sound ranching practices and offers virtually unlimited outdoor recreational opportunities and amenities.

Our Mission

When owners purchase at the Ranch, they aren’t just purchasing ranch land, they become part of a sustainable ranching and outdoor lifestyle. A Western lifestyle – a lifestyle that treats this Rocky Mountain paradise as a legacy for future generations. Maytag Ranch was inspired by time-honored traditions and a philosophy based on timeless values. It has been crafted to create an environment to preserve these legacies and pass them on to future generations by using environmentally sustainable ranching practices that are a core part of our vision.
  • Our Legacy Homesteads were painstakingly designed to sustain their beauty and to be in harmony with the land. Well thought out covenants ensure all homes are carefully designed to convey all of the welcoming charm of the Colorado West while becoming a part of the landscape.
  • Our Ranch gardens and orchards are laid out and farmed according to the principles of permaculture, the technique of integrating edible plants with each other to form a symbiotic, self–sustaining system.
  • Our cattle feed naturally on native grass in a rotational grazing system authored by Temple Grandin that allows some of the land and vegetation to enjoy periods of rest. This system preserves the land and our cattle are kept healthier because they are not exposed to fattening agents, hormones or antibiotics.
  • The Maytag Ranch guiding principle is sustainability. It addresses the long-term commitment to responsible stewardship of environmental, economic and social dimensions of the ranch.It is also our belief that environmental education is key to sustainability and we practice it every day.
  • Owners can choose to participate, or simply watch and learn from the ranch’s professional staff.
  • Whether you choose to get your boots and hat dirty during branding, enjoy a good book and a glass of wine on the Cookhouse deck overlooking the lake and the Sangre de Cristos, or pursue the unlimited outdoor adventures Maytag offers, you will benefit from the values and vision that created this little piece of Heaven.